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At Portola Property Management, we spend a lot of time taking care of properties whether they are vacant or occupied. We work with owners, investors, landlords, neighbors, tenants, family members, and all sorts of community partners.

If you’re considering us for the management of your rental property, we want to tell you about all the great property management services we provide. We also want to give you a personal look at who we are and how we work.

That’s what we’re doing here today. This is another post in our Stories from the Field series, and we hope you enjoy it. Laurelle’s story will help you understand what it’s like to work with Portola Property Management, and show you some of the situations we encounter while professionally managing homes.

Laurelle Deals Expertly and Calmly with a Break-In

Hi, my name is Laurelle and I am a property manager who handles interesting situations all the time.

There are a lot of stories in property management that stand out to me, but the one that I have a hard time forgetting is the story I’ll share with you now.

On what was otherwise a normal working day, I got a phone call from a neighbor who lived in a 7-unit multi-family building that we managed. The caller told me that something was off at one of the vacancy units. He claimed there was a ladder leaned against the building, and that a window was open.

I thanked the neighbor for calling and went right over to the building to see what was happening. When I arrived, I immediately saw that he was correct. I could see the ladder and the open window. It looked like there was a bucket and some rags, too.

Once I was inside, it appeared that someone had broken in. They had left some interesting things laying around, like a broom and some rags. There were also buckets and I wondered if they were cleaning something. I carefully looked through the entire unit, unsure about whether anyone was still inside of it.

As I looked around, I noticed some damage had been done to the home. So, I finished checking and documenting the property condition and then I called the police.

Inspections and Relationships in Property Management

Inspections and Relationships in Property ManagementThis story illustrates how critical it is for your Santa Cruz property management company to have relationships in place with the tenants they manage. We were lucky that the neighbor called to tell us about the ladder and the open window. Otherwise, the person who broke in could have stayed there for any amount of time.

Hopefully, this story will also show you that we are fast. We respond immediately to suspicious situations and we don’t believe in letting things go. Finally, if you ever need anyone to respond to a break-in and involve the police, we’re the property management company for you!

Please feel free to contact us at Portola Property Management for more information about our property management services.