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A lot of your rental property maintenance will depend on your property’s age and condition. Even with a new property that’s in excellent condition, you will occasionally need to make repairs. As professional Santa Cruz property managers, we have experience responding to maintenance needs every day. Today, we want to share some of the most common repairs that are needed at our clients’ rental properties.

Garbage Disposals Clogs and Issues

Garbage disposals, it seems, always need to be repaired. It’s easy for them to become clogged, and they tend to get stuck. Sometimes, tenants contribute to these problems by throwing things into the disposal that are bad for it. When our maintenance crews go out to reset disposals or clear clogs, they usually end up finding rice, oatmeal, noodles, coffee grounds, and even things like avocado pits. You can educate your tenants on what they should and shouldn’t put in a garbage disposal. This may cut down the number of maintenance calls you get on this particular issue.

Plumbing and HVAC Repairs

Garbage disposal repairs don’t cost much, but when there’s a problem with your heating and cooling system, you might have to spend some serious money. HVAC and plumbing issues are very common, and this is where preventative maintenance can save you a lot of money. When an experienced technician is checking your water heater, looking for leaks, and ensuring that your furnace and air conditioning unit are running smoothly, you’ll have fewer necessary repairs. Make sure you’re taking care of your plumbing system, including the water heater, and keeping your HVAC system well-maintained.

We also see a lot of repair requests that revolve around clogged drains. It’s easy for sinks to get backed up and showers or tubs to have drainage issues. It isn’t uncommon for these to be the responsibility of the tenant, so make sure they understand all of your expectations and their responsibilities. You want your tenants to change their air filters regularly and to check under sinks for leaks. When you communicate well with your tenants and have a good relationship in place, you can keep your repair needs to a minimum.

Appliances in Rental Homes

We are also called frequently to repair and replace appliances. It may be a simple dishwasher that isn’t running or a dryer that isn’t drying. Sometimes, the repairs are more complex and it makes sense to buy a new appliance rather than try to fix the existing one. Upgrading to a new appliance can come with additional benefits. For example, they are usually more energy efficient and your tenants will be happier to have a new appliance in their home. Consider replacing instead of repairing appliances, especially if they are old and worn.

Appliances in Rental HomesBroken sprinklers are also a popular repair issue, so be prepared. Keep your sprinklers in good shape by winterizing your home and checking for leaks or clogs. You don’t want sprinkler problems to lead to water damage issues inside the house.

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