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A question we get a lot is this: how do I find a good Santa Cruz property manager or management company? Since we hear it so frequently, we thought we’d take some time to address that concern. If you have dabbled with a property manager and had a bad experience, you might be concerned about doing it again. However, a good property manager will make a big difference in your experience as a rental property owner. Here’s what we would recommend in terms of finding one:

Listening Skills

Find a property manager who is a really good listener and can understand what your needs are. Every property is different and every landlord is different. You want your property manager to understand your unique concerns. Remember that your property manager will also be dealing with vendors and tenants as well. That’s why good listening is important.

Organizational Skills

Your property manager needs to be detail oriented and super organized. There should be systems and procedures in place that are easy to understand as well as a lot of documentation. An organized property manager will be able to keep you on the good side of the law and out of court.


A good property manager will stay up to date on all the laws that are constantly changing and keep up with the continuing education necessary to properly manage rental homes. You should be looking for someone who takes their profession as a property manager seriously. This is much better than working with someone who is primarily a real estate agent selling property. The two careers are very distinct, and you want a full time property manager instead of someone who only manages properties on the side.

Communication Skills

Exceptional communication skills are a requirement as well. Your property manager will be the facilitator between you and your tenants, as well as vendors who do work on your property and neighbors who live close by. Professional relationships and good communication skills will keep your liability potential down.

A professional property manager can provide valuable services to you and keep your investment property protected. If you need more information about how to find a good one, or you’d be interested in hearing about the type of work we do, please contact us at Portola Property Management, and we would be happy to tell you more.